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About the Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is the sequel to the hugely popular Gameboy handheld console. Manufactured by Nintendo, it was released in 2004, featuring a revolutionary dual-screen layout and touch screen support, together with built in Wi-Fi and a microphone.

A new revision of the Nintendo DS was unveiled in 2006 named the Nintendo DS Lite. This update slimmed down the dimensions of the original console, making it lighter and easier to transport. It also added a brighter screen compared to that of the original.

By the end of 2007, the Nintendo DS had sold nearly 65 million units worldwide, making it by far the most successful system of the 21st century so far.

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What's in the Nintendo DS box?

Inside the box you will find the console, together with a stylus and a power charger.

The stylus is used to operate the bottom screen of the console, which responds to touch.

It is arguably this feature of the handheld that has made it a success, opening up more gameplay options, and widening the accessibility of titles to a wider audience beyond those that are comfortable with traditional controls.

The DS doesn't use traditional replaceable batteries, instead is has a built-in lithium ion battery which can be charged with the supplied charger. On average, a single charge will give you about ten hours of power.

Nintendo DS Technical Details

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